What is the “Allow anyone from the domain to join the organisation” feature?

When creating a new organisation, you can decide on the policy for joining it.

Under the organisation name field, you will find the toggle button “Allow anyone from the domain to join the organisation”. When the function is activated, any user who creates a new account with an email address in the organisation’s domain will automatically join the organisation. When this feature is disabled, users will have to ask permission from the Organisation admin to join the organisation.

The policy for joining an organisation can be changed at any time on the Organisation tab in the Settings module.

The “Allow anyone from a domain to join the organization” function is blocked for popular domains, such as for example: gmail.com, hotmail.com, etc.

Remember, the policy on joining an organisation must be well thought out. In the Pro and Team plans, each new user joining will result in an increase in the amount of the next invoice. In the Enterprise plan, each new user will affect the use of the user limit set in the terms and conditions of the order.

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