What are the differences between the plans available on the app?

Three plans are available on the Checly app:


Ideal for small organisations – the plan includes:

  • unlimited number of users in the organisation;
  • two user roles: Organisation admin and Inspector;
  • the possibility for the user to perform one inspection per accounting period;
  • Checly Score intelligent checklist creator;
  • automatic reporting.


The plan for larger teams includes:

  • unlimited number of users in the organisation;
  • three user roles: Organisation admin, Site admin and Inspector;
  • possibility for the user to carry out 10 inspections in a settlement period;
  • Checklist creator with intelligent Checly Score;
  • automatic reporting;
  • intelligent statistics module.


For large organisations with individual needs – this tailor-made plan includes:

  • all functionalities available in the Team plan;
  • possibility of deferred payments;
  • individual support via a dedicated helpline;
  • shop Add-ons and individual integrations.

If you are not sure which plan will be right for you, please contact us at hello@checly.app – we will be happy to help tailor an application to your needs.

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