EU subsidies

Conducting R&D in Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis Using Checly’s Dedicated Software for Event Prediction in Cyclical Control Processes

Checly Sp. z o.o. is pleased to announce the commencement of its research project titled “Conducting R&D in Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis Using Checly’s Dedicated Software for Event Prediction in Cyclical Control Processes.” This project is being undertaken under a Support Agreement signed on March 3, 2023, with Tech-Impact Fund Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością ASI Sp. k., based in Krakow, and the National Center for Research and Development, based in Warsaw. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Action 1.3: R&D Works Financed with the Participation of Capital Funds, Sub-action 1.3.1: Support for Pre-seed R&D Projects by Proof of Concept Funds – Bridge Alfa.

At the heart of this project lies the development of innovative predictive analytics capabilities within Checly’s dedicated software. By harnessing the power of data collection, processing, and analysis, Checly aims to revolutionize cyclical control processes, enabling businesses to anticipate and prevent potential disruptions or incidents.

The project’s total value stands at PLN 1,002,680, with EU co-financing amounting to PLN 802,400. This substantial investment underscores the European Union’s recognition of Checly’s groundbreaking work in predictive analytics and its potential to transform various industries.

Checly Sp. z o.o. in Foreign Markets – Development and Internationalization of Activities through Participation in International Fairs.

The project aims to facilitate Checly Sp. z o.o. participation in international trade fairs to establish business connections in the new German market for the Applicant.  The project tasks include the Applicant’s participation as an exhibitor in two different international trade fairs, business missions involving participation as a visitor in four international trade fairs, and promotional activities. During the project’s implementation, services necessary to achieve the project’s objectives will be purchased, enabling participation in selected trade fairs and business missions.

The activities envisaged within the project are part of a planned, broader development strategy for the company, encompassing both product development and expansion into new markets.

The project’s implementation aims to develop and internationalize Checly Sp. z o.o. activities in a new market by introducing the Checly system to the German market. Project implementation simultaneously provides the Applicant with significant development opportunities and new experiences in cooperating with German contractors. The project’s results will include new business contacts in the German market and new commercial contracts. The project’s effects will benefit new and existing customers of Checly Sp. z o.o., the company’s employees, and cooperating companies.

Project Value: PLN 459,315.99 EU Funds Contribution: PLN 212,802.17